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Elastic Lumbo Sacro Support with Zipper Front

Elastic Lumbo Sacro Support with Zipper Front

Elastic Lumbo Sacro Support with Zipper Front


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Indications for Use:

Unisex – Medium/Strong Support
Used for lower back and abdominal support
Stabilizes lumbar, sacra, abdominal muscles and ligaments

Features & Benefits:
13 inches (33cm) back tapers to a 9.5 inches (24cm) front zipper over hook & eye adjustment for desired degree of compression
Flexible stays in front and semi-rigid in back
One set of 11 inch (28cm) rigid stays included

Easy to Apply:

The garment should be applied in a standing position.
Unfasten all closures and adjustments.
Position lumbo support around the lower back so that the bottom edge is at the widest part of the hips.
Fasten front closure.
Adjust for comfort.
Be sure that, when sitting, the garment does not bind the groin area and that it does not ride up on the torso.
If rigid stays are utilized, consult a trained technician to shape them.
When properly applied, the sacral brace should fit snug but not so tight that it binds.


Fasten all closures
Hand wash support in cold water with a mild soap.
Rinse brace thoroughly until water is clear.
Wrap lumbo sacral support in towel to remove excess water.
Air dry away from heat. (Do not twists or wring.)
Do not tumble dry sacral support.
Do not bleach lumbo brace.

Measure Hip size

Even sizes only
34-64 inches (86.5-122cm) hips

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