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Ankle Support - Wrap Around Strap

Ankle Support - Wrap Around Strap

Ankle Support - Wrap Around Strap


Price: $59.99 (CAD) 


This is a medium duty, adjustable ankle support that allows full range of motion. It provides compression where it is needed most over the soft tissues of the joint without binding or cutting around the edges. It increases wearer confidence for walking or standing.


  • Made from neoprene and other light-weight materials to provide stability along with full range of motion in the foot and ankle
  • Wide elastic straps wrap around joint in figure-8 style, similar to ankle taping
  • Simple contact closure for quick and easy application
  • Slips on like a sock. Open heel for comfort
  • Can be worn under or over socks fits easily inside shoes
  • How to Measure:
    Measure around ankle at smallest point
    Available Sizes:

    Small      fits 6.75-7.75  inches
    Medim    fits 7.75-8.75  inches
    Large     fits 8.75-9.75 inches
    XLarge   fits  9.75-10.75  inches

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