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Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer

Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer

Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer


Price: $469.99 (CAD) 


Is designed to keep your shoulder in place after injury or surgery. It provides both abduction (positioning the arm away from the body) and external rotation controls with easily adjustable straps. It is lightweight, easy to use, and fits well underneath sports gear.


Immobilizes the shoulder after glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations, rotator cuff tears, and acromioclavicular separations
Easy to use
Fully adjustable strapping
Fits underneath athletic protective gear
Latex Free

By offering the control and support that it does, the Shoulder Stabilizer will help protect your shoulder post-injury or from re-injury. Use this product to help your shoulder heal, so that you can safely return to your daily activities

Available Sizes: Small to XXXL



(Measurement taken - chest circumference underneath the arms and across nipples)

Small -           Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 30 - 34"
Medium -       Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 34 - 38"
Large -          Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 38 - 41"
X-Large -      Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 41 - 44"
XX-Large -    Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 44 - 48"
XXX-Large -  Donjoy Shoulder Stabilizer 48 - 52"





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