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Don Joy Aspen Cervical Collar

Don Joy Aspen Cervical Collar

Don Joy Aspen Cervical Collar


Price: $109.99 (CAD) 


This is an adjustable two-piece padded polyethylene collar with Velcro straps used to restrict the cervical spine from moving or rotating to promote optimal heal time. Removable, foam laminated pads wick away moisture to ensure proper patient hygiene and comfort while preventing skin irritation.

Available Size:

Style                                 Height/Age              Neck Circ
Adult Short Collar Set            2.25"                     13"-22"
Adult Regular Collar Set         3.00"                     13"-22"
Adult Tall Collar Set               3.75"                     13"-22"
Adult XTall Collar Set             4.50"                     13"-22"
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