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Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff

Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff

Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff


Price: $149.99 (CAD) 



The Aircast Cryo/Cuff combines focal compression with cold to provide optimal control of swelling, edema, hematoma, hemarthrosis, and pain. Simplicity of design and ease of operation makes it ideal for the ER, post-op, training room and home

Desgned specifically for calf application,providing complete calf coveraage.  Minimizs swelling, and pain


* Anatomically designed to fit calf completely, providing maximum cryotherapy.
* Minimizes swelling and pain. 
* Acute injury, sport injuries, soft tissue injury.
* Rentals Available In Ontario Province. 
* 100% Sanitized Equipment

Indications: Acute injury,sports injuries,soft tissue injury

Circumference 14"-20"
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