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Bed Buddy Back Wrap

Bed Buddy Back Wrap

Bed Buddy Back Wrap


Price: $29.99 (CAD) 


Designed specifically for relief of nagging lower back pain, stomach cramps and leg, arm or shoulder aches and pains. Adjustable strap can be comfortably secured in various positions on the body for complete mobility.

Safety Information
Before use, please read the caution label on The Original Bed Buddy Back Wrap. Do not remove caution label from The Original Bed Buddy Back Wrap. Refer to the caution label as often as necessary. Do not use this product on diabetics, invalids, or individuals with poor circulation or insensitive skin. If any medical conditon exists, do not use.

To use as a Hot Pack: Place in microwave for 1-1/2 minutes. If additional warmth is desired, continue microwaving in 20 second intervals - not to exceed 2-1/2 minutes total heating time per use. To use as a Cold Pack: Place in plastic bag and leave in freezer overnight.

  • The Original Bed Buddy Back Wrap contains 100% organic materials that are safe for the environment, people and pets
  • Veltex construction with impact printing
  • Polypropylene belt with plastic closure
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