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DR Ho'S Neck Shiatsu Massager

DR Ho'S Neck Shiatsu Massager

DR Ho'S Neck Shiatsu Massager


Price: $119.99 (CAD) 


DR-HO’S Neck Shiatsu Massager with Heat combines therapeutic shiatsu massage enhanced with heat. It wraps comfortably around your shoulders and has two prongs that imitate the motions of massage by hand. The Neck Shiatsu Massager is great for anyone with neck or shoulder pain, stress, or headaches. Best of all, the control panel lets you customize your massage with multiple techniques. Use with the regular A/C adapter, also comes with car adapter.

The Neck Shiatsu Massager uses 2-in-1 technology: Shiatsu and Heat Massage. It is easy to use, painless, and portable for use at home or on the go.

- Massage nodes penetrate tight and aching neck and shoulder muscles
- Enhanced heat function
- Choose between 3 massage modes
- Adjust speed and intensity to your comfort level
- Smooth velvet covering is comfortable against your skin
- Designed to sit comfortably on your neck and shoulders
- Additional hand straps you can pull down to increase intensity
- Comes with both an A/C adapter and a car adapter for use on the go

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