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Ideal for preserving and freezing baby food

Baby Cubes allow you to freeze or store breast milk or baby food in individual 70 ml cubes.

Baby Cubes are airtight, dishwasher safe, and stackable. Each Tray of contains ten flip-top cubes constructed from non-toxic plastic that is both dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. A fill-line tells you how much to put in each baby cube to allow for food expansion when the baby food cube is frozen. Baby Cubes are ideal for storing small snacks and are ideal for travelling.


Set of ten individual freezer cube containers with lids & storage tray
Stackable, airtight. Keeps baby food fresh
Ideal for small individual snacks
Ideal for freezing homemade baby food
Ideal for storing breast milk
Travels well from freezer to microwave
Each cube has a measurement indicator to suit growing baby needs.
Measurements include 30 ml, 45 ml, and 70 ml
Lids attached directly to each cube. Defrost required portion in microwave
Stacks conveniently in freezer
Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe
Non toxic

8 x 2oz/70 ml Baby Cubes per package



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