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Now You Can Screen For Your Own Risks at Home!

LEAD INSPECTOR™ is a simple household test kit for the detection of poisonous lead in paint, pottery, mini-blinds, ceramic-ware, drinking water, soil, plumbing, bath tub glazes, toys, jewelry, dust & dirt, furniture, food can seams, antiques, candle wicks & more. Lead Inspector® is the only PREMIUM Lead Test Kit on the market that will test surfaces for lead, as well as water and tell you the approx. lead release in the sample! Test in the privacy of your own home, office or work with no cost-prohibitive lab fees or long wait times!


  • Accurate (lab tested) product
  • Recommended by a Leading Consumer Reporting Agency (Dec. 2007 issue)
  • Method approved for lead detection in Massachusetts
  • Used by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its accuracy
  • Patented Test Kit & Method

This Lead Test Kit is the only patented lead test kits on the market that employs 3 different methods for accurate testing!  It is convenient, economical, reliable and simple to use. Each kit will allow you to perform all these 3 different methods for testing on all items listed above!

These methods include:

  1. Rapid Test Procedure (qualitative)
  2. Patented "Special Test" Procedure (semi-quantitative patented leach method)
  3. Test for Lead in Water

LEAD INSPECTOR™ detects lead instantly at-home with no sending samples to costly labs! Get results instantly at-home! Check for lead in:

Toys childrens's plastic & metal toys - painted surfaces on toys, pet toys
Paint paint chips, painted surfaces
Water (drinking / potable)
Pottery dishes, fine china, ceramic-ware, glass, leaded crystal
Electronic Assemblies, circuit boards & other industrial applications
Children's Lunch Boxes Soil (garden, lawn & industrial)
Dust renovation / construction dust & dirt
Jewelry childrens / toy jewelry
Solder Joints, plumbing, bath tub glazes
Mini-blinds, furniture, antiques, food can seams, candle wicks
Mexican Candy Cosmetic Make-up (lipstick, mascara)
Pet Food Bowls & Pet Toys
Baby Bibs & more

Attn: Parents & Grandparents! Test all your kid's toys using our lead test kit. Simply dab on the surface and look for a color change!


Use this procedure to quickly test children's toys, dry painted surfaces/paint chips, toy cars, baby bibs, children's lunch boxes, pottery/ceramic ware, mini-blinds, plumbing/lead pipe/solder, bath tub glazes, furniture, food can seams, antiques, ceramic tile and other surfaces for lead.

  1. CLEAN AREA: Clean the area of any dust or dirt.
  2. INSERT A SWAB into the Indicator Vial (for 8 and 24 test packs) or dispense 4 drops of Indicator Solution onto a swab tip (for 100 test packs).
  3. RUB: Gently rub the surface to be tested with the cotton swab tip for about 30-60 seconds. If the surface or swab tip changes color, lead is present.

B. SPECIAL TEST PROCEDURE (Patented Leach Method)

Use this procedure to quantify the approximate lead release in pottery/ceramic ware, multi-layered paint or paint chips, mini-blinds, toys, children's jewelry, Mexican candies, make up and candle wicks! This method is great to test practically anything for lead!

  1. Wash, rinse and dry the item you wish to test
  2. Fill the item with vinegar (or immerse the item/sample in vinegar). Allow to stand for a minimum 4 hours.
  3. Test resulting vinegar with Indicator Solution supplied in the kit.


Instant test for lead in water! Compare color produced to the chart shown above for approx. parts per million (ppm) lead. Get a good sample of potable water by allowing tap water to sit in the plumbing pipes overnite or over the weekend (this will give you the "worst case scenario" for dissolved lead in your water supply). Then fill a large plastic pitcher with water. Then test a small sample of the water by adding Indicator Solution. Note: The lower detectable limit (sensitivity) of the kit is 1 ppm (part per million) lead which is above most current guidelines of ~10-50 ppb lead in water. This test will alert users to high levels of lead in potable water that will require immediate action!

Available in 4,8, 24 test packs

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