Post Operative Knee Exercise Sliding Board Rental



Post-Op Knee Exercise Sliding Board  Rental for knee surgeries

$60 per month

The Knee-Flex is an exciting little exercise machine to help people recover from a variety of leg injuries and surgery. Many people have been using Knee-Flex under the direction of their orthopedic surgeon or physiotherapist for faster and further recovery.

Totally portable, handcrafted and very inexpensive, Knee-Flex is presently being used in hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, nursing and retirement homes throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada. Health officials are prescribing the use of Knee-Flex immediately after surgery, greatly reducing rehabilitation time. It is commonly agreed upon that non-invasive, repetitive exercise shortly after knee or hip surgery will drastically help increase mobility in repaired or replaced joints and shorten your recovery time.

Knee-Flex can be used in the privacy of your own home, saving valuable travel time to your local rehabilitation clinic, not to mention health care money. Many patient-concerned doctors and physiotherapists are recommending their patients personally purchase the Knee-Flex exercise machine to greater enhance their personal recovery. After finding out how successful Knee-Flex was for them, they are now recommending this machine to their friends and relatives with similar knee and hip problems.

If in the future you are heading into knee or hip surgery, have the Knee-Flex exercise machine waiting at home to aid you to a faster, fuller recovery. Please click through our website for further descriptions, testimonials and easy purchasing of your Knee-Flex exercise machine to help you achieve fuller mobility and recovery.

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