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AMG Ultra-Plus Brief with Quick-Sorb™ Zone, Wetness Indicator, improved Elastic Leg Gathers, and Multi-Adjust Fastening Tabs. A superior product designed for caregiver assistance and ease of use.

The ultra-absorbent, ultra-soft, AMG Ultra-Plus Brief offers unparalleled absorbency and performance. Its Quick-sorb™ Zone and core construction draw away moisture and quickly transform liquid into gel to prevent wetness, odor and discomfort.

The Multi-Strand Elastic Leg Gathers also ensure a snug and comfortable fit that maximize leakage protection. AMG Ultra-Plus Briefs also help prevent skin care complications.

The Wetness Indicator:
The dotted-line indicator changes colour (yellow to blue-green) allowing caregivers see when changing is needed.

A Soft Inner Lining:
Provides comfort, peace of mind and patient dignity.

100% Virgin Materials:
Facing sheets manufactured from spun bond, non woven, low-reactive synthetic fibers.
Fluff manufactured from non-reclaimed, virgin wood pulp.
Absorbent SAP polymer manufactured from non-reclaimed, virgin, synthetic absorbent material which help to reduce or eliminate the potential for allergic reactions.
Latex-Free. For moderate to Heavy Absorbency Needs.
Quick-sorb™ Zone absorbency testing: 1020g

Soft, cloth like outer material 
Waterproof and breathable; improved air flow provides comfort and dignity.
Multi-adjust fastening tabs
Offer unlimited re-fastenability anywhere on the brief, with no adhesives. Less chance of waste, pop-off or skin irritation.

  1. Multi-strand elastic leg gathers
    Snug and comfortable; they protect against leakage without irritation.
  2. Quick-sorb™ zone
    Quickly transforms fluid into gel, traps it within the core and neutralizes pH and odor.
  3. Blue acquisition layer – Activity zone
    Rapidly draws the fluid away from the top sheet while keeping skin dry.
  4. Super-Dry hydrophilic top sheet
    Cloth like fabric stays soft and dry, even after multiple voids, enhancing patient comfort and dignity. Diamond quilted anatomically shaped absorbent mats assist in the rapid dispersion of fluid for comfort.

Available :

Medium (32" to 44") 16 briefs / bag

Regular (40" to 48") 8 briefs / bag

Large    (45" to 58") 12 briefs / bag

XLarge  (59" to 65") 10 briefs / bag


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