Angora Elbow Warmer

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Angora wool is the lightest of all natural fibers - the hollow structure of the fibers makes it ideal for thermal clothing. Angora warmers allow the skin to breath, absorb moisture, and maintain a steady temperature at the skin surface for all-day wearing comfort.


Providegentle relief from stiff aching joints
Angora isa natural insulation that provides up to seven times the warmth of wool.
Durable,lightweight materials are long lasting and comfortable
Soft against the skin, Airway Angora wear garments have some of the highest Angora contents in the market 
Angora body warmers are ideal for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and muscle stiffness.
Prevention of chills and simply to provide warmth when needed.
Measure elbow circumference with elbow slightly bent.

    Available Sizes:  Small,Medium,Large,XLarge

    Small     elbow 7.75-9.75 inches
    Medium  elbow 9.75-11.0 inches  
    Large     elbow 11.0-13.5 inches
    XLarge   elbow 13.5-15.0 inches

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