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The patented Avent Anti-Colic Nipple has an anti-vacuum skirt with a one-way air valve that reduces the incidents of painful gas and colic.
The valve opens and closes with baby's natural suckling rhythm, preventing a vacuum from forming inside the bottle so liquid, not air, flows through the nipple.

Less air means less discomfort for baby.

The natural shape and feel of the soft, silicone nipple closely resembles the breast, so your baby latches on and suckles just like breastfeeding.

This natural shape makes it easier for you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and continue breastfeeding for as long as you choose.

Newborn Flow: 0 mth+ Recommended for all newborn and breastfed babies, this flow rate is designed to have the most consistant flow to breasfeeding.

Slow Flow: 1 mth + If your baby seems to be taking longer than average time to finish a bottle, it may be time for a new flow rate.

Medium Flow: 3 mth+ If your baby fusses when taking the bottle, it may be time to update the bottle nipple.

Fast Flow: 6 mth + This nipple has the fastest flow rate for feeding liquids.

Variable Flow: If your baby is ready for thicker liquids, this nipple is ideal. This nipple has one laser cut slot instead of holes, so you can vary between 3 flow rates while your baby is drinking.

Available in: Newborn Flow,Slow Flow,Medium Flow,Fast Flow,Variable Flow


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