Baby Safe Feeder Breast Milk Storage Trays


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Bisphenol A Free
Fresh Baby Breast Milk Storage Trays are designed for freezing expressed milk. Unlike many methods of freezing breast milk, using Breast Milk Storage Trays allows you to thaw breast milk one-ounce at a time, so you only thaw what you need. This method greatly reduces the need to discard unused breast milk.

Each tray holds approximately one-ounce of expressed milk. There are 12 compartments (equivalent to about 12 ounces of expressed breast milk) in a tray. Plus, each Breast Milk Storage Tray includes a cover to prevent freezer burn and to keep odours out of the milk. The trays are FDA approved food-safe plastic and are easy to clean.

Please note: The So Easy Trays are made of FDA-approved food-safe plastic, and contain no PVC, Bisphenol-A, Phthlates, or Plasticizer.
Kit includes 2 trays.


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