Bear View Infant Mirror

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Used for rear-facing infants. This infant mirror allows the driver or passenger to safely keep an eye on your baby's face while driving. With a quick adjustment of the rear view mirror, or a glance over your shoulder, you can now see your baby's face.
Alternate uses:
Forward Facing Infant
Provides peace of mind while entertaining your baby.
For your childs entertainment, hang bean bag over the back of the front seat headrest and secure with string.
Crib Mirror
Hang bean bag over a crib rail. Attach BearView® by wrapping the mirror adjustment strap around the crib rail and reattaching it to the hook and loop material. Once your child is able to stand, remove BearView® from crib.

Plush 14" Tall Bear
7" Convex Plastic Mirror
ASTM & CE Tested
Simple Bean Bag Placement
and Anchoring System 

Available in:
Monkey (SMM)

Panda (SMP)  

Puppy (SMD)     
Tan (SMT)

PinkyPup (SMPK)

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