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The BedCaddie is ideal for people who need assistance sitting up in bed. It has a three tiered ladder system which the user can raise incrementally. People in rehab, after surgery, pregnancy, back problems, arthritis or another physical condition and individuals with limited range of motion will love the Bed Caddie for improved in-bed mobility. The strap is made from quality nylon; the contoured buckle offers adjustable handle height. The cushion grips are soft and durable, for flexibility, and comfort.


Provides support when sitting up in bed
Usable for people of all heights
Its fast, easy and comfortable for the consumer
Long lasting
Installation is fast and easy


    3 hand grips
    Durable nylon construction with three cushioned rungs, allowing you to move gradually into position.
    Strap Length can be adjusted up to 45" for different sized mattresses
    No-slip grip
    Easy to set up and remove you can take it with you when you travel
    The Bed Caddie easily attaches to the bed frame under the mattress and lies across the bed. When you are sitting in bed and ready to lie down, start at the bottom of the Bed Caddie and slowly lower yourself towards the head of the bed. When you are ready to sit up, grab the Bed Caddie's top rung and work yourself up by 'climbing' towards the foot of the bed.

      Strap length: adjustable 48”-84”
      Length between handles: 12”
      Handle grip: 5”
      Weight capacity: 300 lbs
      Product weight: 2 lbs
      Case of 10 Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 11” 10 lbs


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