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The BeddieBye Wearable Safety Blanket provides a safe, simple alternative to loose bedding. Our enclosed Sleep Safety Pamphlet teaches how you can reduce your babys risk of SIDS and suffocation according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. Loose blankets can cover babys face, causing dangerous rebreathing of carbon dioxide and possible suffocation.

Easy Diaper Changes - The BeddieBye's long zipper allows easy access to baby's diaper with no need to completely remove baby from the Safety Blanet for nightime changes.

Cupped, Contoured Bottom allows plenty of room for little legs to stretch and wiggle, without getting kicked off. The BeddieBye fits easily over baby's pajamas.

Sleeveless Design and new plush, all-season terrycloth fabric help reduce the risk of overheating.

Embroidered Fuzzy Friend is lined on the interior with an extra layer of fabric to protect baby from scratches.

Zipper Pull Cover keeps little chins from getting caught in the zipper, and protects from zipper pull pokes. The full length of the zipper is lined with a placket to provide a buffer between the zipper and baby's skin. 

It is microfleece

Available in:

Size Small - 10 to 16 pounds and 21" to 26" length.
Size Large - 14 to 20 pounds and 24" to 28" length. Up to 9 months
Ivory- 11226
Yellow  11222
Blue - 11224
Pink - 11228

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