Before The Heart Attacks-A Revolutionary Approach To Detecting

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by H.r Superko, Laura Tucker

Until now conventional medicine could detect heart disease in only one out of every two patients. Until now the only way to know if you were sick was by waiting for a heart attack. Until now nearly everything you had ever learned about the link between cholesterol and heart attacks was false. Enter H. Robert Superko, M.D., and his groundbreaking book, Before the Heart Attacks. As a pioneer in the science of blood lipid management, Dr. Superko has turned the cardiac establishment on its ear by introducing brand-new ways to prevent and treat heart disease. Dr. Superko has developed an approach to treat and prevent heart problems that is based not on pills but on diet and exercise. 

While Dr. Superko recommends blood testing to ensure the highest accuracy, readers will be able to improve their heart conditions immediately simply by completing a questionnaire and shifting their diets in one of four ways. -Reveals nine important, cutting-edge medical tests that doctors rarely use -Offers an individualized approach based on risk factors, test results, and a self-assessment questionnaire This enormously valuable information will enable readers to learn how to best care for themselves for longer, healthier lives.



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