Bekina Steplite White Safety Boot


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- CSA class #1 steel toe
- Foamed PU waterproof construction
- More comfort: wider fitting and kick-off spur
- More safety: higher toecap
- More slip resistance: improved sole profile
- Shock absorbant heel
- Cut-off line to make shorter boot
- Long life, tough wearing PU remains flexible to -30C
- Washable, moisture absorbing, cold insulating insoles
- 40% lighter than rubber or PVC
- Resistant to mineral, animal, and vegetable oil and fats, blood, disinfectants, manure, solvents, motor oil, and petroleum based chemicals.

Available Size: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Due to high rate of turnover, please enquire for availablilty before ordering.


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