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Main features

  • A selection of 35 general programs. Covers Pain relief, Rehabilitation, Sport, Fitness, Aesthetic and Massage categories. A carefully selected collection of the best programs from Cefar and Compex.
  • 2+2 function: the possibility to use the 2+2 function which means that you can choose one program for the channel 1 and 2, and then select one program from the 2+2 program list for channel 3 and 4. This means that you could treat two different body parts at the same time, or combine NMES and TENS as one treatment.
  • Delivered with a detailed Practical guide. Here you’ll find guidelines and treatment recommendations for all programs included in the stimulator. You‘ll also find illustrations over the suggested electrode placements on the fold out cover.
  • 4 channels handheld, easy to transport, cover big areas and treat the body bilaterally
  • Available in ten languages: EN, FR, GE, SP, IT, SE, NL, PT, TU, GR

Other features:

  • Back lit , graphic, pixel based display
  • Fast recharging of the battery, maximum 2,5 hours
  • A symmetrical, 100% compensated, biphasic waveform ensures safety (no burns), comfort (comfortable stim) and effectiveness (optimal stim), in order to reach to be able to use the highest possible intensity and by that reach the highest amount of muscular fibers which is crucial for the result.
  • An IPS (Independent Protection System) is implemented in the unit. The system masters all pulses sent on the 4 outputs. In case of an unwanted situation like too much energy, too high current intensity, too high frequency, current leakage or wrong compensation (not exactly 100%), the IPS system instantly stops any transfer of energy to the outputs and turns off the device. This concept has been patented. The failure situation is recorded within the unit and this becomes a valuable help for the after sales service, who can detect and solve the error.

The Rehab 400 is a 4 channel, portable, hand held combination unit with TENS and NMES programs.

Designed for advanced clinical use in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, this device offers 35 general programs for Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, Sports Fitness, Aesthetic and Massage.

The Rehab 400 also features:

  • 4 independent channels allow treatment of large areas, or different body areas at the same time. Works well as part of an active treatment/exercise program.
  • 2+2 function - allows two different independent programs to run simultaneously, one on channels 1+2, the second on channels 3+4.
  • Using a mix of TENS and NMES programs, there are 35 built-in protocols for Rehab (10) Pain Relief (8) Sports (8) Fitness (3) Aesthetics (5) and Massage (2).
  • Includes a detailed Practical Guide offers treatment recommendations, parameters and electrode placement diagrams for all programs included in the stimulator.
  • Rechargeable battery and recharger included. Two year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • Channels: 4
  • Programs: 35
  • Constant Current: Yes
  • Max. Amplitude: 125mA
  • Pulse Duration/Width: 30-400 micro-seconds
  • Power source: NiMH rechargeable battery, recharger included
  • Weight/Dim : 300g, 138 x 95 x 33 mm




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