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Toddlers are well known for their curiosity. Toddlers exhibit this by energetically exploring their environment. Generally this behavior is well accepted and is an important part of a child's development.

However, a toddler's desire to learn about their surroundings must be tempered by the realization that a toddler.s environment includes many dangers.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children ages 12-24 months are at the greatest risk of being injured in the kitchen.

As we know, toddlers are naturally fascinated with things that are within sight but out of reach. To satisfy their curiosity, toddlers will climb chairs to reach objects on tables, countertops, stoves, and even to windows. Since chairs are easily moved and readily accessible to toddlers, they can become extremely dangerous climbing tools.

Now thanks to Safe to Grow Chair Locks, little ones can't pull chairs away from the table. Safe to Grow Chair Locks work by securing kitchen chairs to the table with a child resistant buckle system. They are fully adjustable and work on any wooden or glass table set. Safe to Grow Chair Locks only take a few minutes to attach. No tools needed, just peel and stick. So please, take the time and avoid injuries.

The SafeToGrow Solution

SafeToGrow Chair Locks secure kitchen and dining room chairs to the table. This prevents toddlers from using chairs to climb, which prevents falls, or movement of chairs to reach dangerous objects on tables, countertops, stoves, windows, etc.
SafeToGrow Chair Locks may also be adjusted, to secure toddlers in booster seats, keeping them snug to the table. This prevents a toddler from pushing out the chair, or standing on the seat, reducing tips and flips.

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