Complete Dishwasher Basket System by Prince Lionheart


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THE ONLY dishwasher basket that holds nipples directly above water jets for the most thorough sanitizing and rinsing. Quick load bottom basket holds all brands of Baby bottle nipples. The upper compartment holds pacifiers, bottle collars, teethers and more! Basket is top rack safe and fits all dishwashers! Made in USA.


This basket is designed to keep all your bottles and nipples together, so that your dishwasher does not eat them.

Thoroughly sanitizes bottles and nipples
Fits all dishwashers
Quick load bottom
Includes patented infant basket, toddler basket and spill-proof cup valve cleaner

3-pack dishwasher basket system is all you will ever need
Patented infant basket holds nipples closest to water jets for thorough sanitizing and rinsing
Toddler basket is the largest capacity basket available
Spill-proof cup valve cleaner is the only dishwasher basket made specifically for spill-proof cup valves
Baskets are top-rack safe


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