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Do you suffer from neck aches and pain after a long day's work? Are you constantly rubbing and massaging your neck during the day trying to relieve the tension? If so, then you need not look any farther than the Dr. Ho's HoPhysio Neck Utopia Massager.

This advance neck massager provides 4 different kinds of massage therapy to soothe away the daily stress and muscle fatigue. Simply place the unit on the floor and lay down to position the device under your neck, then use the easy to use remote to customize your favorite neck massage. The rhythmic air pressure massage and high frequency vibration massage help to increase blood flow and easy away muscle knots, while the soothing heat therapy and accupressure stimulation loosen the muscles and smooth away fatigue and pain. Try each independently or mix up all for for a unique and revolutionary home therapy session. The compact design makes this device great for travel and is an ideal gift for any friends or family members who suffer with neck and shoulder pain.

Features and Benefits

- Advanced neck massager that helps relieve neck and shoulder pain and tension.

- Helps relieve neck-related problems (headaches, migraines, repetitive strain injuries, poor circulation).

- Combines 4 massage technologies:

1. Rhythmic air pressure massager

2. Acupressure stimulation

3. High frequency vibrations

4. Soothing heat therapy

Why Choose Dr. Ho Neck Utopia Massager? 

- Clinically utilized therapeutic techniques (acupressure, massage, heat).

- Doctor developed.

- Easy to use - just lay back and relax.

- Portable - battery or AC adapter powered.

- Personalized comfort - adjust to your desired level of therapy


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