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The IF3 Wave provides the clinician the power to deliver the most therapeutic stimulation available in a single, portable electrotherapy device. This 3-in-1 device allows you to treat pain, accelerate muscle recovery and reduce edema in the home or clinic.

The IF3 Wave is a digital, dual channel, interferential (IF) current device. Modalities also included are neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), pulse direct current (PDC), and IF/NMES combination stimulation. The device sends electrical impulses through the skin. These impulses stimulate the nerves or muscle fibers. The IF3 Wave is used by a variety of patients, in conjunction with other forms of therapy, to treat acute and chronic pain, edema, muscle spasms, and increase muscle strength and retard muscle disuse atrophy.

IF3 Wave Kit Includes:IF3 Wave device, User Manual, Carrying Case, Electrodes, Batteries, Leadwires,Power Adaptor,Belt Clip,Charger/Modem Base,Reverse Splitter,Telephone Line Cord


The IF3 Wave is battery-operated, lightweight and portable. It features an LCD user interface screen and easy to use push buttons. The leadwires connect the device to electrodes, which are placed on the skin. The device is then used to send cycles of electrical stimulation through the leadwires and electrodes into the skin. When combined, the components complete an electrical circuit, allowing current to flow through the skin, delivering desired treatment stimulation






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