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Most simple repetitive tasks such as brushing teeth, getting dressed and using a computer can be a problem for someone with a wrist or thumb injury or condition. The Exolite® wrist brace was created with those specific needs in mind. It is shaped to maintain the wrist in a neutral position; sculpted to fit the nuances of the hand; designed to relieve predictable pressure points; contoured to reduce bulk; and three dimensionally molded to enhance wearing comfort. Available for the left or right hand

Indications for Use:

    • * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • * Repetitive strain injuries
    • * Mild sprains
    • * Moderate wrist immobilization
    • * Provides radial and ulnar styloid relief

    Features & Benefits:

    • * Lightweight low profile (easy to wear for long periods of time)
    • * Permits wide range of hand and finger motion
    • * Molded interior creates a padded surface to maximize wearing comfort
    • * Easy to apply hook-and-eye fastening mechanism is adjustable for comfort; apply and remove using only one hand
    • * Sculpted to fit the contours of the hand
    • * 20% less circumferential bulk than the typical wrist brace
    • * Provides more room at the base of the thumb, the palmar crease and the 5th metacarpal.
    • * Relieves predictable pressure points and contoured to reduce bulk
    • * Three dimensional molded interior to enhance comfort
    • * Unique sizing/adjusting system (ease of application)
    • * Latex Free


  • Fasten all closures
  • Hand wash wrist support in cold water with a mild soap.
  • Rinse brace thoroughly until water is clear.
  • Wrap thumb support in towel to remove excess water.
  • Air dry away from heat. (Do not twist or wring.)
  • Do not tumble dry wrist thumb support.
  • Do not bleach wrist thumb brace.

    How to Measure: Measure both wrist and palm circumference.  Specify left or right.











    Wrist Circumference




    Palm Circumference





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