Ice machine cold therapy rental for knee and Hip surgery


Ice Machine Rental for knee surgery Starting $40/Week


Ice machine cold therapy rental for knee and Hip surgery

Ice Machine cold therapy rental for Knee and Hip surgery   Mississauga helps in the cost of treating patients at home location.  The Aircast IC Cooler enhances the Cryo/Cuff with two unique functions: continuous cold and pulsating pressure. Continuous cold eliminates the need for manual water recycling by utilizing an electronic pump to exchange warm water for cold. Pulsating pressure resulting from the automatic exchange of water provides comfort and therapeutic benefits of intermittent compression.

Our  Ice Machine rental is an easy way to get the relief of cold therapy for a short term injury or surgery recovery need.  Add ice and water and attach the therapy pad to your body. It’s that easy to use.  We have many different pads available, such as universal knee/shoulder, small or large shoulder, ankle, lumbar, and more.

Ice Machine Rental Package includes:

  • Cooler, Cryo/Cuff, Power Supply, Air Tube Assembly
  • Available Size: Small, Medium, Large, Pediatric
  • Ice Machine anatomically designed to fit knee completely, providing maximum cryotherapy.
  • Minimizes hemarthrosis, swelling and pain.
  • Integrated pump makes it even more portable
  • Detachable cooler without treatment interruption.
  • Controlled cold eliminated the risk of tissue damage.
  • Measured compression for patient comfort.
  • Sanitized Equipment

 Please note: Product may not be exactly as shown on the picture.



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