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** As seen in the Globe and Mail's Mommy Blogger ** 

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer is a clever, multi-purpose nursery tool. Four timers help new, sleep deprived parents remember and communicate the basics of baby-care, like: how long ago they changed a diaper, fed the baby, put them down for a nap, or gave them medication. Each timer can also give a reminder at certain intervals, if desired. Other helpful features include: belt clip, nursing reminder switch, illuminated display, clock, and a soft nightlight for changing diapers in the dark.

ITZBEEN has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a new parent in mind.

One-touch Timers
Count up to display how long it's been since important baby care tasks were last completed.

Optional Alarms
Allows parents to set time limits for each task. If the time limit is reached the button will light up and an optional alarm will briefly sound.

Nursing Reminder
Easily reminds mom which side baby nursed from last.

Other Features
ITZBEEN has other thoughtful features that make it even more helpful to new parents, such as a back clip for portability, a soft-glow nightlight to help parents find their way in the dark and a backlight to illuminate the display.

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