Knee Brace with Flexible Stays


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This knee brace provides good multi-directional support over the soft tissues of the knee joint. The design of the brace allows the flexible support stays to provide medial-lateral stability to the knee while maintaining its proper position at all times.


  • strong elastic sleeve supports the entire knee area and helps improve circulation, reduce swelling, relieve discomfort, and helps to promote healing
  • Three flexible stays on each side move naturally with joint, supporting soft tissues, promoting proper alignment, and helping prevent re-injury
  • Open patella design allows knee cap to move freely, prevents uncomfortable binding
  • Reinforced non-roll edges
  • Absorbs perspiration for all day wearing comfort

    Available Sizes: Small,Medium,Large,XLarge

    Small       fits 10.0-12.75 inches
    Medium    fits 13.0-15.75 inches
    Large       fits 16.0-18.75 inches
    XLarge     fits 19.0-21.75 inches

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