Little Squeaky Feet Shoes Diva

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Innovative squeaky shoes which encourage exercise and independence for babies and toddlers whilst offering parents the reassurance of knowing where their little one is at all times.  Squeaky shoes are particularly beneficial for encouraging sight or mobility impaired babies to walk. They also offer peace of mind for sight impaired parents/grandparents/carers as they can easily keep track of their `little explorers'. 

* Easy Velcro closure
* Great for public places because you have the added comfort of being able to hear where your child is
* Heel to Toe Length Order Size :

-  Size 3 - 4 4/16  inches

- Size 4 - 4 8/16 inches  

- Size 5 - 4 13/16 inches 

- Size 6 - 5 inches   

- Size 7-  5 1/2 inches 

Due to high rate of turnover, please enquire for availablilty before ordering.

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