Medi Touch Nitrile Extra Long Cuff Medical Examination Gloves


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100 in a box. Powder Free

Enhanced Protection
Extra long cuffs extend the level of skin protection achieved with regular medical examination gloves, for additional security against cross-contamination.

Skin Friendly
These gloves are latex-free, reducing the chances of skin irritation due to latex proteins. Frequent glove users will also appreciate that they are powder free, helping to eliminate the risk of developing dermatitis.

Chemotherapy Drug Tested
These gloves meet a recognized standard for resistance to permeation by antineoplastic drugs : ASTM F739 “Standard Method for Determining Resistance to Chemical Permeation Under Conditions of Continuous Contact”.

Improved Grip
Not only do these gloves fit well, but their textured fingertips help to enhance grip, whether used wet or dry.

Easy Identification
All Medi Touch Medical Examination Gloves come in color-coded packaging, making it easy to select the right glove type and size. Whats more, all our nitrile gloves are blue, allowing for quick visual identification in emergency situations.

Available in;
Small,Medium,Large,Extra Large

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