ModRail™ with bracket


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The ModRail™ includes a fixed dual rail and a horizontal bar (ModBar™) that can be repositioned to an optimal support location. Lift to unlock, hold up to rotate freely, lower any time to lock.




Patient Sleep Safely

Fixed dual rail helps reduce patient falls while sleeping, yet it won't hinder patient when exiting the bed. Removable in seconds in case of emergency.


Patient Transfers Safely

Highly effective Mod-Bar™, uses patented SuperBar™ technology to help patient transfer safely in and out of bed. It pivots and locks every 45 and moves in step with the patient.


Reduces Caregiver Strain

The ModBar™ lets patient make use of their available strength while a caregiver carefully supervises and aids the client in transfer.


Easy Installation

ModRail™ assembly secures to ModRail™ Bracket via securing knurled knob. ModRail™ is removable in seconds in case of emergency.


Vertical Pole of ModRail™-24"/61cm length, 1.5"/3.81cm diameter.

Triple Rail Side Gate

4"/10cm spacing between each rail, 14"/36cm length, 1.25"/3.175cm diameter.

Pivoting & Locking Bar-14"/36cm length, 1.25"/3.175cm diameter.

Threaded Top Grip (Removable)-12.5"/32cm length, 1.25"/3.175cm diameter.

Rail Assembly

Adjustable range 4"/10cm (overall height of rail assembly dependant on bed height).



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