Nuby Feeding Time Gets Louder with Nuby Sound Bites


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"Here comes the airplane! Open up!"

No need to make your own sound effects, anymore. Just pick up one of these two-packs of Nuby Sound Bites Spoons and let the attached vehicle zoom, chug, or zip for you. (Leaving you more time to say "Yum, yum! Strained carrots!" instead.) The noisemaking vehicles do detach for cleaning... or hiding, once your baby decides he'd rather play with the spoon than eat. Either way.
Nuby's Sound Bites 2-Pack Soft Bite Spoons w/ Fun Sound Toy by Luv N' Care makes meal time fun and easy. These soft bite spoons with soft bite tips protects baby's delicate gums and new teeth. Our soft grip handle is comfortable for parents and children alike. These spoons also feature a fun toy that makes sounds to make your child's mealtime a fun time. For ages 6+ months.

Product features:

  • Fun Sound Toy. Soft grip handle
  • For ages 6+ months
  • 2-Pack Soft Bite Spoons
  • Makes your child's mealtime a fun time. Soft bite tip protects baby's gums and teeth


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