Oscillating Massage Belt with Heat

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The Perfect Massage Belt utilizes a revolutionary oscillating motion to give you a comfortable massage and instant relaxation while you read the newspaper, watch TV, are at the office or even while driving.


The Perfect Massage Belt helps also relieves muscle tension and attacks fatty tissue allowing you to do what you want without wasting your valuable time. The Massage Belt is very convenient for use at home or office.  You will feel the immediate effects the Massage Belt delivers.


Main features:
Auto Therapy Modes - Selectable modes to soothe and relieve, for specific body regions and massage types:

  • This Massage Belt is the ultimate personal health and beauty care device. The Massage Belt's vibration and oscillation will help to reduce the unwanted fat layer from your body. The Massage Belt's kneading, pulsating, and massaging functions, the automatic and manual modes are optimized with slow to fast levels to bring you the best results.
  • You can also use the Massage Belt at your office desk to relieve stress. Due to its unique design, the Massage Belt is mobile and very convenient to bring with you on your trips. The Massage Belt will always be by your side for easy and convenient health maintenance.
  • Put the Massage Belt on the target areas to reduce pain and relax tired muscles. You will feel immediate relief. If you want to enhance your body, just put the Massage Belt directly on the areas you need to tone and reduce fat. For instance, you can put the massage belt on your thighs, butt, and stomach.
  • The Massage Belt is a great companion for a healthy life.


  • Model : BZ 663
  • Motor Wattage : 11.6W
  • Heat power : 8W
  • Product weight : 4 lbs


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