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The range Poz'In Form has the distinction of having covers with silver iodide, which are bactericidal while remaining machine washable, surrounding a cushion made of fiber shape memory.

The unique combination of these cases and these cushions provides unparalleled hygienic safety and the utmost comfort.

The fibers do not migrate to the ends of the pads as often microbeads other manufacturers, and thus enable efficient and constant support.

Universal Cushions
The three-dimensional universal cousins ??enable various applications.

IN spine position, size 55 x 40 cm (base) allows setting knee flexion and abduction positioning moderate hips.

Elements smaller allow calibrations optimized position thus reducing the risk of pressure sores or vicious positions


Triangular cushion
It adapts perfectly to all body types.


Placed under the knees, it provides keeps u rest the joint and significantly reduces the phenomenon of forward slip to prevent the effects of friction and shear on the sacrum.

Semi-flower position, discharge high-risk areas (sacrum, ischial heels) by transferring the pressure to areas of lower risk (calves, Swiss, back).

Cylindrical cushion
Placed between the legs, it avoids the phenomena of friction and shear on the thighs and knees.

It can also be used in the pins to provide a heel shock.

Is used in addition to universal cushions, triangular or cylindrical, for abutment of their correct positioning.

Used as shock collar, it allows relief supports the cervical area.

Cushion half
Associated cylindrical cushion, the combination EVote phenomena friction between legs at the knees, thighs and ensures a hip abduction.

It can be used around the neck.

Abduction pillow
It is placed in the crotch of the patient in the supine position for a set of hip abduction and stabilize the legs spread position limiting the phenomena of friction and shear between the thighs, knees and calves.

Cushion halfpipe
In bedridden or semi-flower position, hold and maintain t perfectly the patient's back.

Used the chair, it gives the patient a timing and a dorsal support optimized positioning of the upper limbs.

Cushion semi-lateral decubitus
Versatile cushion, it comfortably holds the patien at both shoulders, back, hips, the knees in a lateral decubitus position.

In addition, it limits the phenomena of friction and shear.

With a strap attached to the foot of the mattress, it provides a complete discharge of the heel comfortably and holds the position of the anchor.

Heel cushion discharge
The positioning cushion for the foot makes the transfer of pressure from the heel to the lower risk areas (calves, knees) to provide effective relief heel and proper positioning of the ankle.

If vascular problem, it guarantees a good venous return.

Its size prevents an emphasis on the support of the Achilles tendon.

Discharge cushion support hand
The positioning cushion for the hand greatly reduces pressure on the skin and in areas at risk of bedsores.

Postoperative situation, it relieves the support points in localized areas and also allows a discharge to the elbows.

Its size prevents a boost of support on the wrist.

Cushion discharge
In addition to a stabilized position, the central cushion discharge results in an effective reduction in pressure of the occipital area.

The combination of visco-elastic foam and long fiber allows regular relief areas in contact.

Versatile cushion, it comfortably holds the patient as well as the shoulders, back, hips, knees that during a lateral decubitus position. In addition, it limits the phenomena of friction and shear.

The combination of a long fiber, hollow memory effect, a micromesh fabric with a cover
Removable, bi-elastic and breathable gives POZ 'IN' FORM features particularly effective in preventing bedsores. The resilience of the fiber, combined with maximum breathability micromesh fabric supports and absorption favorable to good pressure distribution and lower shear forces support.

POZ 'IN' FORM ensures efficient and comfortable position in time, the fibers prevent long creep effects regularly observed in the positioning
In addition, their density prevents premature degradation of the substrate.  The variety of shapes, sizes and number of items POZ 'IN' FORM allow a wide variety of combinations.

Positioning the patient in a supine position permanently associated with a quality support must allow improved faulty posture, decreased risk of developing pressure sores and that under conditions of safe use related to the risk of infections.

The components and modules POZ 'IN' FORM are covered with bi-elastic Pharmatex Silver
(In 205 gr / m). They are removable and washable. The addition of silver ions in the polyurethane structure Pharmatex limit bacterial growth (reduction> 99.90% according to ISO 22196: 2007).  Breathability Pharmatex (> to 500g/m2 / 24 - 37 ° C) significantly reduces the effects of maceration.



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