Sassy Chilly Dilly Daisy Teether


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The Chilly Dilly Daisy will grow on baby! Baby can hang on to petals and rotate while exploring different textures on each petal. Two are even water-filled. Place teether in refrigerator to cool. Shake Chilly Dilly Daisy to rattle.  Recommended for ages Birth+. 
Developmental Benefit
The Chilly Dilly Daisy Teether encourages development of communication because putting the various textures in babys mouth leads to an awareness of lips and tongue.  Control of lips and tongue are essential to the development of sound and later, speech.
Play Tips

Put the Chilly Dilly Daisy in the refrigerator to chill the water-filled sections.  Cool only in a domestic refrigerator and do not place in the freezer compartment.
When baby puts the teether in his mouth, he can feel his lips and tongue against it.  This helps baby learn how his mouth works and will help when he begins to make language sounds of his own.
Help baby explore the teethers textures and shapes with his fingers, hands, and mouth.  Turn the teether to teach baby how to explore the different surfaces.


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