Sassy Powdered Formula Dispenser


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Powdered Formula Dispenser has 4 single-serving compartments to hold pre-measured powdered formula or cereal for meals anytime, anywhere. The snap on lid keeps powdered formula and cereal fresh and secure during travel.
Instructions for Use

  • Remove lid from formula dispenser and fill each compartment with pre-measured powdered formula or cereal
  • Replace lid and check that pouring spout is securely locked.
  • To dispense powdered formula or cereal, twist the lid until it clicks into place over a single compartment.
  • Open the easy pour spout and pour into bottle or bowl
  • Mix as directed according to formula or cereal instructions
    • Features:

    • Comes with four single-serving compartments
    • Features ergonomic shape for a comfortable hold
    • Textured design and comes in assorted tint colors
    • Dishwasher safe

    Available in various colors



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