Sassy Safari Car Seat Play Pad


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Baby will love getting behind the wheel of this toy.  Twelve fun activities keep baby happy and engaged in the car.  The soft play pad attaches easily to all infant car seats to put the fun right in babys lap.  A walkie-talkie, map, compass, steering wheel, horn, speedometer, and several exotic animals are available for baby to explore.  Features also include four nursery rhyme songs, animal sounds, a soft glow light for nighttime play and lots of moving parts.  Recommended for ages 6+ months.
Award-Winning Toy 
  Iparenting Greatest Products of the Year
Developmental Benefit

Safari Car Seat Play Pad encourages the development of babys thinking skills by providing lessons in cause and effect.  When baby squeezes the elephant, the music, lights and sounds begin.  When baby presses on the monkey, the horn will beep.
Play Tips

  • Attach the play pad to the car seat and show baby how to activate the various sounds and songs.  Introducing the toy to baby will help her to become more familiar with its activities. 
  • Talk to baby as you drive and reinforce the activities of the play pad.  For example, if you hear monkey sounds, tell baby that is what a monkey sounds like.
  • Sing along to the tune of the nursery rhymes.  Baby loves to hear your voice.


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