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Shoe Clues stickers teach kids their left & right shoes !!!
Shoe Clues™are fun and durable stickers that teach children to put the right shoe on the right foot! Shoe CluesTM feature three pairs of stickers in a colorful package. On each pair of stickers is a lovable animal that, when properly placed in the heel of a child's shoes, will be looking at the other.  The patented adhesive that makes them nearly impossible to remove and are made of silicon, not paper, so they cannot tear. Shoe Clues™ are color and letter coded to help children reinforce “Left” and “Right” learning. They also enable children to be self-sufficient and help them identify their shoes at preschool and playgroups.
Children quickly see that if the animals are looking in opposite directions, their shoes will be on the wrong feet.
Includes: 3 Pairs of Shoe Clues™ stickers per package.


Stickers inside shoes helps child identify which shoe goes onwhich foot 
Reinforces 'Left' and 'Right' 
Animals must face each other to be correct 
Durable siliconized sticker, not paper 
Moisture and tear proof 
Industrial grade adhesive helps stickers stay securely inshoes


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