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The Lever Extender adds 6 inches and a solid gripping surface to your recliner chair handle. The Lever Extender is constructed out of heavy duty steel but weighs only 1½ pounds. It features a 4 bolt attachment that ensures a secure fit to most recliner handles. The Lever Extender is also helpful for people who are recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis or are obese or pregnant. Constructed out of heavy duty steel but weighs only 1½ pounds, it works on all types of reclining chairs.


  • Provides support to the user trying to sit upright
  • Ensures a secure fit and protects the chair handle
  • Installation is quick and easy


  • Adds 6 inches of durable heavy duty steel to the recliner chair handle
  • It has a four bolt attachment


  • Length of handle:  9”
  • Width of handle:  7”
  • Weight:  2 lbs


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