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Standers Millennial Crutch helps you maintain proper posture and relieve damaging stress associated with the use of a standard crutch. It has a large comfortable underarm cradle that enhances stability and reduces underarm soreness. The ergonomic grip allows proper blood flow and a soft palm support.  It also has a patented shock absorbing/power assist feature for maximum comfort.


  • Provides the greatest amount of blood flow and reduced trauma to the nervous system as well as keeping the wrist and hand in their natural position while walking
  • Absorbs the impact when walking
  • Returns the energy positively in a forward motion and increases comfort by reducing stress, fatigue and soreness


  • Underarm cradle feature
  • Ergonomic grip that is at an angle of 12°
  • Collapsible push pin folding design
  • Patented shock-absorbing/power assist
  • Foldable for storage
  • Specifications: JUNIOR PAIR
  • For users 4’7" – 5’7"  adjusts from 42” to 50” in height
  • Product weight:  2 lbs per crutch
  • Cradle dimensions:  11” long, 1.5” diameter
  • Weight capacity:  400 lbs

Specifications: STANDARD PAIR

  • For users 5’7" – 6’7"  adjusts from 49” to 62” in height
  • Product weight:  2.5 lbs per crutch
  • Cradle dimensions:  11” long, 1.5” diameter
  • Weight capacity:  400 lbs

Available Size:  Standard,Junior


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