Summer Infant Deluxe Oral Care Kit


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The Deluxe Oral Care Kit from Summer Infant is a comprehensive, 8-piece kit that provides all the essentials in one convenient bag. It's perfect for every stage of oral care, from newborn to toddler.

* Angled mirror - helps parents examine "hard to see" areas in child's mouth
* Toothbrush - provides gentle, effective brushing on baby's tender gums
* Gum massager - provides gentle relief to baby's gums when teething
* Stand - allows for convenient bathroom storage of the 4 most used items
* Sterilizer - can rest the toothbrush in microwaved water to sterlize
* Travel finger brush - provides greater control for massaging a young baby's gums when   they start teething
* Water filled teether - chillable teether may provide soothing relief to bay's gums   when teething
* Comes with a soft storage case


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