The Fussy Baby Book by Dr. Sears


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by William Sears M.d, Martha Sears R.n

Does your baby fuss, cry, and want to be held all the time? Do you have an older child who's stubborn, opinionated, demanding - a real handful? Take heart. America's favorite childcare experts - the authors of The Baby Book and The Discipline Book - have written a book just for you. Drawing on more than twenty years of pediatric practice and their experiences with their own high-need children, William and Martha Sears provide:

- Creative ways to soothe a fussy baby, including a checklist of 36 time-tested baby-calmers
- Methods for feeding high-need children and helping them go to sleep - and stay asleep
- Survival tips for parents - including advice on how to avoid or recover from "mother burnout"
- Information on medical causes of infant fussiness - from infections to food sensitivities
- Effective ways of coping with common high-need personality traits and behavior - including older 

  children who are highly creative, hyper-responsive, or constantly in need of affirmation
- Proven strategies for discipline - getting connected to your child early, providing structure, setting limits,
  knowing when to say yes and when to say no
- Tips on learning how to talk and listen - from understanding your child's viewpoint and holding your
  child's attention to encouraging compliance before defiance
- Real-life stories and advice from parents of high-need children



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