The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with door clamp


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The Original Jolly Jumper is a baby exerciser for any child in the pre-walking stage.
Babies will enjoy bouncing around and giggling to no end as they develop rhythm and improve their balance. Babies' muscles are strengthened and coordination further developed as they bounce their way around. The Original Jolly Jumper provides firm support for your baby's spine, so bones will develop properly and posture will remain upright. Provides fun and exercise as your baby gains the skills they need to develop. The jumper is safe and hangs securely from any door frame with the provided door clamp.

The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser

Improves balance and helps develop coordination and rhythm
Provides a firm back support
Hangs securely from door frame
Develops coordination and strengthens muscles
Door clamp hangs securely from door frame
Firm support for baby's spine


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