Toilet Saver by Mom Inventors


TP Saver™: Keeps kids & pets from unrolling toilet paper
TP Saver™ is a safe and easy to use device that prevents small children and pets from unrollling the toilet paper into an unusable heap on the floor. TP Saver™ also: reduces the risk of paper ingestion; prevents unsanitary toilet clogs and paper mess; and is great for potty training - allowing metered use. The TP Saver requires no assembly, is easy to install, and is simple for adults (not children) to release.
Includes: Two TP Saver™s per package.

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 Our TP Saver prevents unraveling toilet paper by babies, toddlers and pets. Saves paper, money and the environment. Simple to install and use without any tools.  Great also for potty training your child as the TP Saver can be used to dispense a certain number of sheets.


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