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ULTRASONIC CLEANER The possibilities are endless with the Ultrasonic Cleaner -  The Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans your fruit, vegetables and fresh food using ultrasonic sound wave energy and tap water without adding any cleaning solution or requiring added scrubbing.


As a professional cleaning device, this Ultrasonic Cleaner thoroughly cleans your jewelry, and other small items returning the gleam back in just 3 to 21 minutes in the comfort of your home. 


Main features:                 

  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Energy and time-efficient.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Easy and convenient
  • Powerful but gentle cleaning.
  • 3 – 5 minutes quick clean.
  • Scrub-free cleaning.
  • Smart cleaning for your jewelry.

How does the Ultrasonic Cleaner work?

  • The Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaner uses high frequency vibrations to generate ultrasonic wave energy in the water. This energy produces tiny-vacuumed bubbles that attach onto surfaces and hard-to-reach crevices of your jewelry. The tiny bubbles will implode as pressure builds, bursting off granules of dirt, giving you a scrub-free cleaning that leaves your jewelry looking dazzling.
  • The Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaner is sleek, compact and energy efficient. And it uses only tap or distilled water to clean your jewellery and other small items effectively.
  • The Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaner is useful for everyone in the house. For the men in the house, the Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans your waterproof shaver heads and razor blades. For the ladies, besides cleaning your jewellery, it also cleans your silverware.
  • The Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaner gives you the freedom to do other things while it cleans for you. After the selected cleaning cycle has ended, The Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaner will automatically shut off. You have the option of selecting from five timer settings.


  • Rated frequency : 60Hz
  • Rated power : 80W
  • Max water capacity : 8.5L


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