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Walking Wings is a unique product that will revolutionize the way babies learn to walk. Walking Wings makes the process of learning to walk easier and more natural for babies, while parents and caregivers experience less back pain and worry less about injuries that can result from falls.  Created by two moms for their own children, Walking Wings is sure to be a hit with your child.  Walking Wings provides comfort, security and freedom of movement while babies are taking those first critical steps.

Parent and Caregiver Benefits of Walking Wings:
Worry less - baby experiences fewer falls
Avoid the back pain associated with teaching a baby to walk
Delight in watching babies take their first steps with confidence
Baby Benefits of Walking Wings:
Develop a sense of independence
Experience fewer falls and recover from falls more easily
Balance more naturally with two hands free
Gain self-confidence while learning to walk
100% cotton. Machine Washable, dryer safe
For ages 6 months to 2 years (minimum chest circumference 19 inches)
Maximum chest circumference 26 inches


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